What is a placement Partner

Connecting Corps Members to Communities

OVC seeks to harness the power of service to strengthen communities. We believe service is attentive to the needs and assets of neighbors, collaborative and strategic, persistent in adversity, and self-sacrificial in working for the greater good. At OVC, we aim to unlock and foster service among young adults. The Orthodox Christian tradition is replete with calls for and examples of service. Young people within and beyond the Orthodox Church are hungry to serve. OVC will channel their passion, sharpen their skills, deepen their faith, and match them with strategic service placements. We will nurture a new generation of Orthodox Christians who live in humble service to neighbors across the country.

We are accepting applications for Fall 2024 Placement Partners in Boston and Pittsburgh.

Apply to be a placement partner 

OVC Value

  1. We screen candidates from a national pool
  2. We target dedicated, service-oriented, values-based young talent
  3. You get the opportunity to interview candidates
  4. Placements and candidates rank preferences; OVC staff make the final match
  5. We provide robust, professional development throughout the year